Rio de Janeiro carnaval 2018: Seven samba schools were in Sapucaí, the Sambadrome; Mangueira e Paraíso do Tuiuti stood out for protests on Avenida Marques de Sapucai-The Sambodromo.
But the tone of protest also drew attention from the beginning of the party, which began on the night of this Sunday and ended already under the first moments of the morning of this Monday. Seven schools paraded: Império Serrano, São Clemente, Vila Isabel, Paraíso do Tuiuti, Grande Rio, Mangueira e Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel.
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Photo: hot brazilian carnival girl in costume

Seven schools paraded on the first night of fashion shows in Rio de Janeiro 2018

Império Serrano
The Queen of the drums Milena debuted in the elite of the carnival Carioca.

The Empire again paraded in the elite of the Carioca carnival after seven years and was responsible for starting the work. With the samba-plot “The Empire of Samba on the route of China”, the school also highlighted a tribute to the Sambao-Arlindo Cruz

São Clemente
Oriental culture was highlighted in the parade of São Clemente samba school

Vila Isabel
Carnival queen Sabrina Sato has razed again in front of the drums battery of Vila Isabel
With a futuristic footprint, college bet on technological elements, such as circles with 3d projection and an LED skirt of the flag holder. It is still worth mentioning the ever-striking participation of the battery queen, Sabrina Sato, besides Martinho da Vila, the President of honor of the samba school, and that completes 80 years this Monday.

Paraíso do Tuiuti
From there the tone of the night/Dawn was different. In recounting the history of slavery, with the plot “My God, my God, is extinct slavery?”, the school brought to the venue the discussion about the controversial reform of the pension and labor. The samba-plot relies to the 130 years of the Golden Law, with criticism of the racism and situation of the Brazilian worker today. But the highlight itself was on account of the presence of a vampire president in one of the cars, in an image reminiscent of the figure of Michel Temer. Caroline Marins was the Queen of the drums.

Grande Rio
Strong emotions marked the parade of the Great River, which had to overcome the breaking of the last car, leading to a delay of five minutes. The singing storyline was “going to the throne or not going?”, the school presented a tribute to together. The carnival drums Queen was Juliana Paes, who returned to parade after ten years and again she stood out.

With the arrival of the traditional Mangueira Samba school, the return of the protest climate returned to the Sambodromo, the Sapucaí. This year’s theme was “with money or no money I joke” and made a protest for the cutting of funds from Rio de Janeiro City Hall to the party. And another politician, Marcelo Crivella, Mayor Carioca, was the subject of criticism in one of the carnival floats.

Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel
In the closing of the parades of the carnival Rio special group, the Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel highlighted the Brazilian and Indian cultures, with the theme: “Namaste… The star that dwells in me salutes the one in you. ” Again, the bet was on the special effects, which were used to represent emblematic figures of the Indian Religious and cultural universe. Shirt Silva was the Queen of drums.
Mocidade has exvoiced the culture of India.


hota brazilian carnival girl at street carnival sao paolo 2018 costume
Photo: Sao Paolo 2018  carnival hot girl in Street party band, Bloco de Rua

Saturday February 3 rd, only the carnival bloco Acadêmicos do Baixo Augusta gathered 1 million of people in the street Rua da Consolação, in Sao Paulo downtown, according to the organizers. And the 2 million of revellers estimated by Sao Paulo City Hall for Saturday are already equivalent to the public of the 381 blocos that took to the streets in 2017. The balance sheet on the presence in all Saturday’s street carnival bands (blocos de rua) will only be released today.

The movement started timidly nine years ago and began to gain body in 2015, when 270 street carnival blocos led to the streets 1.5 million of revelers. For this year, with street parades that should take up to 2 million of people just for Avenida 23 de Maio Avenue, the expectation is to surpass the 4 million. And, as the Mayor João Doria Dreams (PSDB), approaching Salvador de Bahia, who registers problems of emptiness in the Circuit Campo Grande. Larger public only in Rio de Janeiro -which had 5.9 million in the streets last year, according to Riotur.

The Saturday, plus 81 blocks animated the streets of Sao Paulo -Avenida Paulista was closed for extended time, until the 18 hours. One of the highlights was the traditional Rio Monobloco group, which plays carnival all year round. There was brazilian singers as Tim Maia, Skunk, Gilberto Gil and Paulistanos people who didn’t stop singing.

According to the organization of the event, the audience was almost 100,000 people, which surprised even Pedro Luis, the founder of the Monobloco. “It was our biggest carnival parade in Sao Paulo.” Less than half had prestigious Elba Ramalho and Alceu Valença the day before, with another carnival street band.

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Photo: brazilian carnival girl at street carnival party, bloco de rua in Sao Paulo 2018
hot brazilian carnival women at street carnival 2018

Photo: hot brazilian carnival women at street carnival band, Sao Paolo-Brazil 2018

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