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Scopra Brasile in immagine, Carnevale di Rio de Janeiro hot: fotos


The main event in Brazil, the famous Carnival (Carnaval) is on fire. The carnival samba parade of the Sambódromo Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro with the Samba school parade.
Carnival in Rio de Janeiro: floats, impossible costumes and hot samba girls, a scenario of dream in Brazil. No doubt the Sambadrome continues to hold the role.

Brazil carnival 2017: Rio de Janeiro sambadrome

Rio carnival 2017: Imponent carnival float

Hot brazilian samba girl dancing at Sambodromo, Rio

Brazil carnival 2017: Rio carnival girls

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Photo: Salvador Carnival 2017 opening with King Momo

One of the largest and more popular carnivals of the country, the carnival of Salvador was declared open Wednesday (Feb 22) night, with the delivery of the key of the city to King Momo and with a sequence of presentations for the camarote box in Salvador Bahia, Brazil.

But although Alinne Rosa has already swayed in the box Harem, with provocative sticker in her model, the party in the main carnival circuits, like Dodo / Barra-Ondina and Osmar / Campo Grande, will be open to the public just on this Thursday (February 23, 2017).

Therefore of face, the carnival baiano receives Ivete Sangalo, Wesley Safadão, Araketu, among other, to inaugurate the six days of Carnival party. For who wants to tan the Carnival without strings, Luiz Caldas and Parangolé, they parade with independent trios.

rally dakar 2017
Paraguay has become the 29th nation to welcome the Dakar on its soil.
The Rally Dakar 2017 Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina will be held from 2 to 14 January 2017 and will go through three countries (Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina) for a total of about 9,000 km of route, of which 4,000 km will be timed.

316 participating vehicles (with pilots of 59 nationalities and 9 women in the entry list) will discover first time Paraguay, the 29th country that becomes part of the history of the Dakar, and the fifth in South America (after Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia).

2017 will be an extreme Dakar, with brutal changes in temperature and long stages, many of them disputed over 3,500 meters above sea level, where the bodies of the pilots nor the engines of their machines will have sufficient oxygen to reach its maximum performance.

That hardness of height and extreme weather will join that of new sports conditions. Pilots will not have the assistance of GPS, which will provide navigation and work from the copilots a greater importance.

After a first short step, with 39 kilometers timed between Asunción and resistance, the rally will pass through northern Argentina with direction to Bolivia.

In that region, since the second stage, they will discover the region of Chaco, Marc Coma compared with the African savannah, an area unknown to pilots who will pass through with temperatures of over 40 degrees.

From the third stage navigation will begin to gain importance, at a stage which will take place largely on riverbeds and where they will have the first contact with the altitude, in a step to more than 5,000 meters.

But things get complicated from the fourth day, when he begins the first triptych of extreme hardness, contested over 3,000 metres above sea level, with very long stages and dunes and extreme sailing.

On the fifth day, between Oruro and Tupiza pilots played nearly 500 kilometers timed with sand and great difficulties, “a different Bolivia” which, until now, had discovered the rally, centered in the salar de Uyuni.

The next day will visit the most Special Edition, 527 kilometers between Oruro and La Paz, long part of it disputed next to Lake Titicaca and in which sports director predicts that “many pilots eventually night”. “And others will not break,” Lavigne Apostille, which completes by saying that “the next day shall be the day of rest” in the Bolivian capital.

A deserved rest, since the next day, after 322 km timed between arena and the salar de Uyuni, the pilots will not have access to the mechanics, but they can still repair themselves with their machines and Exchange parts.

The first part of the stage will be “Marathon”, which will continue the next day between Uyuni and Salta, return to Argentina, where they will say goodbye to the Highlands, but shall be measured to the hard dishes from Salta, with many parallel routes.

About 1,000 kilometers, 406 of them timed, should go between Salta and Chilecito, stage more long rally since 2004, with 80% “off track” and that tour in the format “Super Bethlehem”, introduced by Coma East year.

Pilots take part jointly between cars motorbikes and trucks in reverse order to the classification of the previous day, a complication for navigation that allowed the French Stéphane Peterhansel in the edition of this year to turn the general’s car.

The tenth stage, essentially run on dry riverbeds, will be marked by authentic sections of trial, which the kilometers will move very slowly for pilots, which eventually exhausted.

Already only them will be feared dunes of San Juan and Córdoba mountains to leave the general view for judgment for the stage of the final day, a walk to pay tribute to the champions.

rio de janeiro new years eve 2017

Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro: Eleven ferries fired 18 tons of fireworks of colors of green and yellow, lilac, pink, gold and white.
The fireworks show was marked by lots of special effects, which formed Palm trees, hearts and flowers in the air. in addition to the drawings, the fireworks display also featured a soundtrack of funk to Opera, and ended to the sound of wonderful city.

Since at 6:00 pm this Saturday, the audience enjoyed performances by various brazilian artists on one stage set up on the beach, as the singers Alex Cohen and Léo Jaime, beyond the expected “big date”, with Elba Ramalho, Alceu Valença and Geraldo Azevedo.
At the end of the night, the drums of the carnival samba school Mangueira, champion of the special group of Carnival in Rio 2016, and Unidos da Tijuca closed the celebration. According to City Hall, the expectation was that 865,000 tourists were in the city for new year’s Eve and that the total income was $690 million.